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"I place emphasis on the well-being of each student and the subject matter being learned." Kenny Lukasik B.A.

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Patient and Encouraging Music Teacher  Over 20 years experience!

    Instruments Taught
    Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet,
    Trombone, Percussion, & Ukulele

    My Story....
    I began playing the piano at the tender age of 5. At the age of 9, I began playing the saxophone and continued playing in the concert band, marching and jazz band through college.  I picked up the guitar and began with lessons after leaving home and going to college.  I studied different aspects of music-theory, harmony and performance. I have played professionally in a rock-n-roll band on both the west and east coasts - saxophone and guitar.  In Greenwich Village, New York City, I wrote music, songs, sang and performed them with guitar and back-up band.
    I then began teaching guitar, piano and different band instruments listed above. I studied those instruments with a  professional teacher and began teaching in a school concert band.  I have been teaching privately for twenty + years and ten years for the Concert Band. I have a music studio where I teach in North County Inland, Escondido, CA. I place great emphasis equally on learning and the well-being of each student. As a member of a Recital Organization, I help students prepare to perform in a warm and supportive environment.  These occasions help the student develop confidence.

    B.A. Antioch University - 1984.

Testimonial from September 2013

Thank you Ken for being soooo patient with my 3 kids, I will be referring you to all my family and friends!  Rebecca A.
(My kids attend Chaparral Elementary & BHMS)