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MUSIC LESSONS "I place emphasis on the well-being of each student and the subject matter being learned." - Kenny Lukasik B.A.

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Patient and Encouraging Music Teacher

Over 20 years experience!

Instruments Taught
Guitar, Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, & Ukulele

My Story....

I began playing the piano at the tender age of 5. At the age of 9, I began playing the saxophone and continued playing in the concert band, marching and jazz band through college.  I picked up the guitar and began with lessons after leaving home and going to college.  I studied different aspects of music-theory, harmony and performance. I have played professionally in a rock-n-roll band on both the west and east coasts - saxophone and guitar.  In Greenwich Village, New York City, I wrote music, songs, sang and performed them with guitar and back-up band.

I then began teaching guitar, piano and different band instruments listed above. I studied those instruments with a  professional teacher and began teaching in a school concert band.  I have been teaching privately for twenty + years and ten years for the Concert Band. I have a music studio where I teach in North County Inland, Escondido, CA. I place great emphasis equally on learning and the well-being of each student. As a member of a Recital Organization, I help students prepare to perform in a warm and supportive environment.  These occasions help the student develop confidence. 

B.A. Antioch University - 1984. 

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Parent Reviews

1. Our 9 yr. old son(Guitar) & 6 yr. old daughter (Piano) are both taking music lessons for the first time with "Mr. Ken".  Ken is beyond patient and is great at keying into what each student needs and how to challenge them.  We are happy to recommend Ken. Thank you, The Carrolls

2. My two daughters have been taking music lessons from Mr. Lukasik at Grace Lutheran Church and School; one on the Clarinet and one on the Saxophone.  I am very pleased with their progress and performance.
Sincerely, Amy Nowlin

3. Thank you for being "soooo" patient with my daughter (Clarinet) and son (Saxophone).  I heartily recommend Ken to anyone who is looking for an excellent music teacher.

4. Mr. Lukasik, the Band Director at Grace Lutheran Church and School learned much with Mr. Lukasik on the Piano.  His step by step method and great patience and kindness helped my son over many hurdles of progressing deeper and deeper into music.  Sincerely, Amanda Finch

5. Mr. Lukasik, the Band Director at Grace Lutheran Church and School, helped my young son through the beginning stages and beyond on the clarinet with exceptional skill and patience.  I recommend him highly.  Michelle Emblem

6. My son switched from the Saxophone to Clarinet.  Within one year he helped my son qualify for Youth Symphony this year.  Sincerely, Julie VanVooren