FAQ about Harp Lessons with Stephanie Bennett

Nov 29, 2018

The Benefits of Learning to Play the Harp

Learning to play the harp has numerous benefits for individuals interested in music and the arts. The harp is a unique and beautiful instrument with a rich history dating back centuries. By taking harp lessons with Stephanie Bennett at Kenny Mathews Music, you can experience these benefits firsthand.

Types of Harp Lessons Available

At Kenny Mathews Music, we offer various types of harp lessons to cater to different levels of expertise and interests:

1. Beginner Harp Lessons

If you're just starting your journey with the harp, our beginner harp lessons are perfect for you. Stephanie Bennett will guide you through the fundamentals of harp playing, including proper hand positioning, basic techniques, and understanding musical notation.

2. Intermediate Harp Lessons

For those who have already developed some foundational skills, our intermediate harp lessons allow you to further enhance your technique and expand your repertoire. Stephanie will work with you to refine your playing, explore new musical styles, and introduce more advanced techniques.

3. Advanced Harp Lessons

If you're a seasoned harpist looking to refine your skills or prepare for performances and competitions, our advanced harp lessons are tailored to your specific goals. Stephanie Bennett, with her extensive experience, can help you tackle challenging repertoire, master advanced techniques, and perfect your stage presence.

Lesson Duration and Pricing

At Kenny Mathews Music, we understand that time and budget constraints vary for everyone. Therefore, we offer flexible lesson durations and competitive pricing options to accommodate your needs. Our standard lesson durations are:

  • 30-minute lessons
  • 45-minute lessons
  • 60-minute lessons

Contact our team to discuss specific pricing details and find the best plan for your goals and schedule.

The Learning Environment

We pride ourselves on providing a positive and nurturing learning environment at Kenny Mathews Music. Our aim is to make your harp learning experience enjoyable and inspiring. Stephanie Bennett fosters a supportive atmosphere where students can feel comfortable asking questions and expressing themselves through the music they create.

Why Choose Kenny Mathews Music for Harp Lessons?

When it comes to learning the harp, choosing the right instructor and learning environment is crucial. Here are some reasons why Kenny Mathews Music stands out:

1. Experienced and Dedicated Instructor

Stephanie Bennett brings years of experience as a professional harpist and educator. Her passion for the harp shines through in her teaching, ensuring you receive top-quality instruction and guidance.

2. Tailored Approach

Every student is unique, and Stephanie understands that. She customizes her lessons to individual students' needs and goals, making sure you achieve maximum progress and personal growth.

3. Supportive Community

Join our vibrant community of harp enthusiasts and connect with fellow musicians who share your love for this enchanting instrument. Participate in recitals, workshops, and other events that will enrich your musical journey.

Get Started Today!

Embark on your musical journey with harp lessons at Kenny Mathews Music. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced harpist, Stephanie Bennett is here to inspire and guide you. Contact us now to book your first lesson and unlock the world of harp music!

Katrina Michael
Stephanie Bennett truly is a fantastic teacher! 🎢🎡 I'm just amazed at how unique and beautiful the harp is as an instrument. Learning to play it with Kenny Mathews Music must be a dream come true! 🌟 The benefits of music and the arts are truly remarkable, and I bet Stephanie's harp lessons can enhance one's creativity and passion. 🎼✨ Count me in – I can't wait to start my harp journey with Stephanie Bennett! 🎢😍
Nov 11, 2023
Pete Brennan
Great article! Stephanie Bennett sounds like a fantastic teacher for harp lessons.
Nov 8, 2023